preschool child

Preschool Room

Children aged 2 1/2 - 5 years

This room has an open plan aspect which is divided into different play areas and at child’s level for easy access. The areas include dressing up and role play, reading and picture books, mark making, creative play, sand and water, ICT, construction area, puzzles and jig saws. Throughout the day there will be adult led focused activities and opportunities for children to talk and play.

All children will enjoy a practitioner’s individual attention at certain times through out the day for reading, mark making, shape and colour work for their profiles. Work is displayed throughout the room and in children’s profiles for you to look at when you wish.

The Curriculum

All children learn and develop through play and as required by OFSTED. We follow the EYFS curriculum; this is the curriculum for children aged from birth to five. We structure our activities, but ensure they are play based. The activities planned in the pre-school room are often from child interests, which have been gained from observations and our close working relationships with the pre-school children. We have a qualified teacher who oversees the education in the whole of the setting as our EYFS Co-ordinator.


The children can learn the basics of ICT including mouse control, remote control toys, camera’s and also have the use of educational programmes in preparation for reception class.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is encouraged throughout the day within our safe and secure outdoor play area.  We also offer free flow play in pre-school as we have an external door accessing our garden, offering the children a choice of where to play.  We are always developing our outside area, involving the children in our nature area and planting flowers and herbs in our herb garden.

Funding for Nursery Places

A term after your child’s third birthday your child will be entitled to 15 hours of free nursery funding. The nursery education grant is available for up to 10 hours per day and can accessed over the year however the hours are allocated pro-rata. This funding can be shared between providers, for more information please ask the manager or access the family hub website.  We offer free 2 year old 15 hour places for those children who are eligible.

Home Visits and Settling your Child in to Nursery

Before your child starts nursery a practitioner will visit your home, this gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and for the practitioner to spend some time with your child. You and your child will help the practitioner to complete an ‘all about me’, which will help the setting care for your child. Your child will also be allocated a key person, who will be specifically be there to ensure your child settles well. Many children find it upsetting being left alone for the first time with people they have yet to get to know and trust, therefore there is no limit on the number of visit your child may have before they start.

Peter Pan Preschool

We also provide wrap around care for children who attend Peter Pan Preschool at Rawdon St Peters School.