Health and Safety

At Emma‟s Angels we follow strict health and safety guidelines. Risk assessments are carried out daily and equipment repaired or replaced as appropriate.

We carry out regular fire drills to ensure the safe evacuation of the building.

At Emma‟s Angels we have an intercom entry system on entry to the grounds of the nursery and on the entrance to the building. Parents or visitors will only be allowed entry once they have been identified by a member of staff.

First Aid

All employees have been trained in emergency first aid; new employees are required to complete their first aid training within the first 3 months of employment.

Should an accident occur that requires a hospital visit we will contact the parents and the emergency services immediately, a member of staff will accompany the child and meet the parents at the hospital. Permission for emergency treatment will be asked for at the registration of your child and the consent and registration documents will be taken to the hospital.

All accidents will be recorded in an accident book which parents will be asked to sign on collection of their child to acknowledge that they have been told about the accident this is required by OFSTED.


For children who are on medication and have to take it while in the setting, parent/carers are required to complete a medication record form. This gives permission for a member of staff to administer the medication. Two members of staff will sign the form when they have given any medication. Parent/carers will be required to sign the form at the end of the session to acknowledge that they have been told that their child has taken their medication and the time and dosage given.