Baby Room

Children aged 3months to walking (approx. 18 months)

Our baby room has been planned with your child in mind. The room is spacious with low accessible units and lots of musical and sensory toys.

Your baby or toddler will experience lots of new experiences and try out new skills that will support them on their learning journey. The practitioner’s regularly change the areas of the rooms in order to provide lots of stimulation and learning. The practitioner’s are constantly looking at new ideas to promote your child’s learning and development.

Home Visits and Settling your Child in to Nursery

Our EYFS Co-ordinator and your child's key person will visit you at home prior to your child attending nursery. During this visit they will ask you questions in order to find out more information about your child and their family. We will complete an all about me and an EYFS starting out sheet, so we have up to date information specifically to help us care for your child in the best possible way. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions or raise any concerns before your baby or toddler starts nursery. Please feel free to ask any questions you wish, that will help you feel confident with us. At the home visit, the practitioner will organise a pre-visit for your child into nursery. There is no limit on how many visits your child has into nursery, we want to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your child.

Dietary Requirements

Dietary requirements, weaning requirements, bottle feeds and any other need your child has whilst in the nursery will be discussed at the home visit in order to ensure we are providing high quality care and your mind is at ease when leaving your precious package with us.

The Curriculum

The experiences your child receives whilst in their room is planned in line with the Early Year’s foundation Stage.  Our approach is play based and focussed on each individual child.  The practitioners provide opportunities for children take part in activities based on the child’s interests.  We gain this knowledge by good clear observations and the relationships we have with the babies who access us.